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Morning Afformations

I recently recorded a video on ‘Morning Afformations’ and how to start each and every morning the right way to help you improve yourself which in turn will improve your business. You can also see more of these videos on our YouTube channel.


Hello and welcome to our module on getting started in the right way every morning.

I was speaking to somebody the other week and Gary surely you must get down or sad or depressed from time to time? And I said no I don’t and they said well you must do and I said listen I don’t because it’s all a matter of perspective.

I want to answer that question honestly now, I spent five years in the army, and went to the first Iraq conflict. I’ve seen death and destruction and how the Iraqi and the Turks live, it’s not good.

I then spent 9 years in the police force in Scotland and in one month in February, I went to 14 fatal road traffic accidents, one of them my next-door neighbour Kenny Brodie, a serving police officer who was killed on duty, whilst I was on duty.

I’ve delivered death messages to parents that their children have died and on the flipside, I’ve gone to children to tell them their parents have killed themselves involved in RTA’s. I’ve seen rape, I’ve seen the most destitute of people, trust me I’m very grateful for where I am in my life right now.

This brings me to starting your morning properly, many of you that do know me, know that I get up and I do my 10 afformations. Each morning I start the morning bright and breezy and exciting, I now know that there’s a fantastic audio called the miracle morning which I would recommend you get on to listen to and abide by.

I’ll show you my 10 afformations and hopefully this will help you, maybe in the morning you’ll jump out of bed rather than hit the snooze button on that alarm clock, seriously every day I get up and I’m motivated for the beautiful life’s day I’ve got ahead of me. So my ten afformations I start and I say how are you this morning Gary?

And I always reply saying I’m feeling awesome. Next is what are you grateful for today Gary? I’ll go through and say I’m grateful for my son and my mum and dad, for my sister, for Charlotte for Matthew for Anna, I’ll even mention my family’s loved ones, grateful for Fiona and Dennis, for Val and Scott who keep my loved ones happy and I’m grateful for my friends, and I’m grateful for my work contacts for those who work with me, who are yet to work with me and those who have previously done work with me, and im grateful for my businesses my utility warehouse business, my giveback works business and my it just makes sense businesses.

I’m grateful for my health and for where I live and grateful for the fantastic foundation to be a better and more successful person, and I’ll go through that a little bit further on.

Next ill say what makes you so good Gary? So I may say things like I’m a really nice person and I live in a world of enlightened self-interest, where if I can help as many people as I can, to get whatever they want out of life, by default I will get what I want out of life.

So I’m transmitting to them that I’m a nice person and I want to help them, they’re receiving I’m a nice person and i want to help them, which is why my conversion ratios are remarkably high. I speak with authority conviction and enthusiasm, Im a nice guy and I just want to help people out. That’s what makes me so good.

My next question is how organized are you today Gary? I’ll go through how organised I am for the day. Then the next question is what will stop you from doing your key pay off activities every day? And this will be in line with focus 15 and BART etc. I need to do a minimum of 3 income generating tasks a day, now if I do 3 income generating tasks a day that’s 15 a week, 60 a month that’s 720 income tasks during the year, and if my conversion rate is 10 to 1 it means in the year I will have acquired 72 pieces of business by just engaging in 3 income generating tasks. So, I’ll make sure I do my focus 15.


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