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Focus 15

I recently recorded a video on search Focus 15 and how using this can really help your business. Take a look at the video and also my YouTube channel, where there are many more videos are like this.



Hello and welcome to IJMS bitesize; a bitesize selection of some of our top topics and how you as a business owner can acquire more clients more easily.


Today I’d like to talk to you about focus 15 and we have separate modules about that and this is just a summary about our focus 15 process. You know that if you just engaged in 15 minutes focused activity every day you could make a massive impact on your business.

And here is what I mean, let’s say you make 3 phone calls a day, prospecting phone calls, 5 days a week. That means over the course of the week you will have made 15 phone calls, on a four week months that is 60 phone calls a month and over the year you will have made 720 phone calls.

Let’s say your conversion rate is that you need to make ten calls to get one piece of business and each of your clients are worth £1000, ten to one from 720 phone calls is 72 new clients or an extra £72,000 going through your business. Even with a conversion rate of 20 to 1, is even still 36 clients at £36,000. Even with a conversion rate of 60 to 1, that’s 12 new clients or £12,000 going through your business.

Now that is fantastic, if you do something often enough a ratio will appear and here at IJMS we will expand on our focus 15 process for you and even show you the things to say and the things to do to make sure you get more clients, more easily.

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